• Sow time in your acts. You can either consume all seeds of the fig or plant some to have more seeds tomorrow. But what does the wise farmer do? Sow your time within your acts. Let at least 1/3 of things you do today make it possible for you to take off 1/3 of time in two to three years. If there is no such thing you are doing already, then begin to do them. Some things you are doing now are not worth doing at all if in three years, you can’t take 1/3 time off the time you’re putting in them and maintain or even improve the results following. So, stop some of them to being such tree-planting activities.
  1. If the current job/profession does not allow a development of skills and wisdom to shorten work hours while increasing productivity, do not take it up.
  2. If the current business does not have a system that can be grounded so that in three years, you don’t have to be working in the business to make money, then don’t do it.
  3. If the assignment will not add a skill that you can use recurrently, don’t take it. What is the use of a skill you learn so much today only to make obsolete tomorrow? It is wasted time, and learning skills are always laborious than practicing them when learnt. The time of harvest, you’re not present to use it. So, don’t even plant such.
  4. Let your nay be nay. If you must say no, say no. You can help in better ways than take an unproductive labour on yourself which causes a slowdown in delivery as well. Better reappoint another to do it than disappoint while doing it.
  • Create leverages of time. While you are working and ensuring that 1/3 of that is into creating systems or new skills, let another 1/3 be a proper investment of time in relationships and people. The more links to people you build, especially of your teammates, organisation, employees, co-workers, the greater leverage you have over time. When you work for one hour, you can transfer this work into those links to make more hours without taking up your time. You can gain twelve hours of additional work from one hour by having twelve reliable links around the world.
  1. Learn to transfer work to those who should do it. Don’t let opportunities slide. But guide and share opportunities into your circle or links. Do what you are best at and let others do what they are best at. Never out of too much desire for money take another’s task. You can claim a fair gain if you are bent on earning a commission--your links will gladly offer since you have brought them a good deal, too. Better that than hurt your spirit.
  2. Build your team or employees up to be as proficient in life skills as you. That is a duplication of self. The day you are not around, they are competent in your place and nothing will hurt. They will also gladly fill in if you have been a great leader. It is honour to them to stand in for you, and peace for you to leverage through them.
  • Create 1/3 of the day for your sleep. In fact, the good test of a wise use of time is to divide the day thus: 1/3 sleep+exercise+meditation+prayer; 1/3 work+tasks+assignments+commuting; 1/3 family+relationships+leadership+self development. Check to see that you spend 8 hours on all you call work, or if not at the moment, all you are doing is sowing seeds to make that possible in the harvest time of two to three years time. You are better skilled to do things faster, with more dedication and precision and still surpass all levels of expected productivity when you do this. Respect the time of sleep and meditation. Never rob yourself of it. Your body renews in sleep. Your mind takes the period to solve more problems because it works with better clarity and without interruption.
  • When tasks are becoming too much than can be handled in a day, split them over days or weeks. Have a planner that you use to track the activities and your success with them. There’s always a fullness of time. Respect it, and don’t try to do more than a day can accommodate. Meanwhile, learn to surpass the limit of each day. This is easily done as your skills become more sharpened.




Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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The Phenomenal Friend

The Phenomenal Friend

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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