How to Instantly & Constantly Raise Your Attitude

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Bob Proctor generously trained over 40,000 friends on Attitude and Self-Image on 17th March. Phenomenal lessons, and from there, we find Earl Nightingale tell us about Attitude, the Magic Word in his Lead the Field.

Did you know that Bob Proctor created his paradigm shift by listening to Lead the Field daily for over nine years from 1961 to 1969?

Attitude is the sum total of our thoughts, feeling and action (towards anything).

‘Attitude is defined as “the position or bearing as indicating action, feeling, or mood.” And it is our actions, feelings, or moods that determine the actions, feelings, or moods of others.’ — Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale gave three reasons for having a fantastic attitude towards EVERY ONE we meet. 'For the next thirty days, treat everyone you meet as the most important person in the world...'

What quick way can I (you) use to raise my attitude?

Through respect for the things I want. In respecting what I desire to have its flow, an attraction to me, I know it has its history. It must have gone through places and people however quickly or slowly. They respect it, too. They respect its objective to gravitate to me, and they commit to treasure it. For instance, if the baker did not apply the flour properly (even for the slightest love), I would not have bread as I now eat. Nor would I have my clothes without the co-appreciation of my fashion designer, the farmer who cultivated the cotton and the shepherd who keep the sheep. People who I meet daily ALL play a role in the flow and attraction of the things I desire to me. They are co-treasurers of my treasures. As I treat myself with love therefore must I treat them. With respect for their kindness at work (either known to them or not, intentional to them or not) do I see them. With this, I apply my thinking thus (say I want more money):

'Now, I respect the money I desire. I honour and value whoever treasures money alike. I know that everyone I meet has either encountered the same notes that now become my desired millions or has facilitated its direction towards me and my movement to it. Therefore, I treat all of them with respect that they love me and wisely keep as well as send towards me the money I desire. You are the most important person in the world to me.'

Treat everyone this way, as having what you want and not burning it but keeping it, sharing it and making it come as fast as possible to You. You are going to find your attitude become an extraordinary illumination to everyone.

Try it today.

Raise Your Attitude with I & I AM.




Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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The Phenomenal Friend

The Phenomenal Friend

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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