My #1 One-Minute Review — Adelere Adesina

The Greatest Networker in the World by John Milton Fogg

The first striking thing in the book is the attitude of the greatest networkers in the world. Apparently they were knowledgeable, and have read thousands of books with vast information. But both of them were inquisitive. They were open, ready and intentional to know about the next person: who s/he is, how s/he feels, what s/he wants, why s/he feels stuck, etc. Even technical questions such as, ‘What is the secret of success?’ or ‘How do I change my habits of beliefs?’ They still ask the person before them until that person realises the answer. They give more comments than answers.

I am beginning to apply myself to LISTENING. It is indeed a rare skill, to listen and have people ‘feel you listening’. I pay more attention to what people say and let my mind be still to hear them and their feelings. It is a process. The more I do it with feeling, the better it gets. It is also fun, really fun. Because I get to know people, their experiences, ideas, thoughts and apparent limitations. It helps me to know how to help them, and even how I can position them in my network. What I can do for them and what they can expect of me — all of these by listening.

This is an inspiring book for everyone, not just network marketers. It is a leadership, mindset, entrepreneurship and strategy book all together. As for the network marketer and leader, this book teaches you the art of listening from the very first chapter. You learn how to build rapport in an instant! You can earn anyone’s rapport without stress. Further in the book, you learn child-like techniques of how to do this. The first chapter will blow you away. You would think you are in a movie — and you are, in your own movie!

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?