Objections or FAQs

What would it take to be in the top 20% of salespeople who do 80% of all sales volume? We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes of mind, William James said. Frankly, as a salesperson, you could close more sales than you ever did with a positive attitude. This is not the same as saying positive thinking or positive sayings. A positive attitude is what really does the selling you want to get done. One of the places where you get to realise the kind of attitude of mind you have is in how you think of and treat the ‘objections’ that your clients/customers have. Wait, did we just say ‘objections’? Let’s object to the word — because it is a resistance attitude.

To even think a person has objections for the value you have to render is to feel someone somewhere is going to resist you. Now, you may be a master at selling or positive thinking. But, resistance is resistance. Let’s clear that first. When a person objects, you sure know that’s your word to qualify an ordinary event in thought or speech, right? Because for that person, they are simply making a decision. A Yes or a No is frankly honourable. Of course, you’d like to have a yes. Then you may want to connect your value in a way as to represent your expectation — Yes! Now, reflect on that. How do you think or feel objections when you are expectant of Yes?

You’ve probably read books on handling objections. I bet the objections are similar, like frequently the most expected ideas from any sales pitch of your industry. But that means they are not objections at all. They are frequently asked questions, FAQs. Most people don’t have a clear idea or act of making decisions. Often they need help, a little clarification here or there, to let them be sure they are doing just the right thing for themselves. Their ‘objections’ are more like questions expressed in statements. Just be aware that every idea is at the same time a question and an answer (statement). A client before you has an idea of why they’re not sure to make a definite decision. They might be saying a statement to themselves, but they are asking you a question; frequently asked questions. Think about it, it is people who have some interest that look up the FAQs.

When you treat it that way, your attitude is eagerness to answer, to tell them why you feel they are making a healthy and wise decision for themselves. In other words, you’re letting them realise the value in it for them. Of course, not everyone has to buy it at once. But your clients won’t feel you’re resisting them from making decisions, or resisting them from thinking for themselves. On the contrary, they’d feel you’re just out for their welfare — which is the mindset you must have, really! They Win-You Win. But it starts with an attitude of mind with the idea of effortless abundance.

Now, do you have a question on selling?

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