Overcoming the Resistance of Your Family and Friends When You Have Made the Decision to Follow Your Goals

1. You just made the decision to manifest your goals and dreams? Congratulations you came thus far.

2. Your loved ones are against you, but do not mean to stop you.

3. Suffering is necessary, and this is a part of it.

4. To Quit or to Key it?

5. Explain Yourself Harder. Same Strategy; Different Results?

6. Learning the Lesson? People Change

7. Learning the Lesson (2)? You Can’t Choose How a Person Understands

8. Finally a Right Step: Changing Your Assumptions by the Law of Non-Resistance

9. You Drop the Charges; You Find the Changes

10. Suffering is unnecessary but you have to learn it somehow.

Insofar as you are a Student of success principles, manifestations, co-creation, the effortless way or even freedom, this is written for you. For the New Student — because you just got aware of being one — this writing is of vital importance either to help you skip resistance from relatives or to help you scale through faster if you are in one already. For the Illumined Student, this is a guide to help others on this subject (but you either have had an experience or have met those with an experience of this).

I, the writer of this, have faced what you may call ‘resistance’ from various people because I made decisions to do things differently and to apply what I have learned as the secrets of success. Thus, I write with the Intelligence of Spirit and the Experience of Self. Of course, Both are One! I would not call them resistance now. Far from it, the experience was a gift — the best at the time I got it. I persuade you to open your heart and listen to what I have to say carefully. Open your heart, I say, and let this ultimate precept rest there: ‘Suffering is necessary until you realise it is unnecessary,’ — Eckhart Tolle. Indeed, unless this is possible, there should be no writing of this nature — for then its only utility would be of reporting what experience someone else has had, not any means of emancipation. Well, let us proceed.

1. You just made the decision to manifest your goals and dreams? Congratulations you came thus far.

It is not strange that about 60 million adults earn over a million dollars yearly by 2019. There are 7.8 billion people in this world, out of which only about one to three percent make decisions. That is somewhere around 78 million to 234 million people. Well, not all of them decide to earn over a million dollars yearly. But it seems better to be among these top 3% than to be in the bottom 97%. Anyway, you are reading this very likely because the grouping has applied to or will apply to you. You have made a decision? Congratulations!

Congratulations! because whereas it is absolutely easy to make decisions, it is not relatively so. That is, the average child while growing was never taught the art of making decisions. It probably would sound strange to you to never make a decision for your child; let them decide for themselves. If you are yet to understand what that means or how to let your children make their decisions, my good guess is you have a lot of wants, really inspiring desires and dreams of your life, that are dormant, inactive and yet to be achieved!

Well, what it takes to make a decision is to recognise what you truly want, how you really want to live and to go after it. No longer the insipid life of ‘How are you?’ ‘I am fine.’ But the true, meaningful and inspiring life full of happy surprises. Everyone has goals, either they have forgotten or they remember. We all have dreams from childhood. But few ever take the chance to pursue them.

Since the average person never knows the true estimate of what they lose when they ignore their goals, it is common to see them ignored. Think of it this way. A person could start a business that would surely earn them $200,000 monthly at the lowest; what she wants is exactly that. But everyone she knows advises her to start a job, raise funds between five and twenty years before she begins her business. Her job pays her $200,000 yearly making her unable to start her business until thirty years after — and her idea is then outdated. But she would not fully realise what she has missed out. Her only pain might be that she is doing something that makes her unhappy; she would not realise that she is at the same time NOT doing something that could give her fulfilment. Naturally, she would have gone for her dreams — she did while she was a baby, e.g. walking. But she learned from people to value their opinions over and above her intuition, and soon forgot the art of decision making. Clearly, to make a decision as an adult, you have to have a quality called self-confidence. Self-confidence’s only formula is understanding that comes through study or proper knowledge of information. Information > Knowledge > Study > Understanding > Self-confidence > Decision

I went that far here to encourage you in case you are yet to make a decision for your dreams now. If you are reading this without having decided for your goals, you are not putting the knowledge you have acquired before now into proper utility! Get on with life and decide what you want, what you are going to let go (the less inspiring things, your fears) in your life to receive it and fire on! Having made your decision, once again, congratulations!

2. Your loved ones are against you, but do not mean to stop you.

You just communicated your decision to your family, friends, present mentors or whoever has never nudged you to aspire for your REAL life! They are going to resist you. Not because they must, nor because they hate you or are trying to be mean to you. However, you are coming across this fierce, faceless resistance! Before I tell you the real reason why they do, let me give you some plausible excuses you are going to make for them — or another person giving you some opinions would make to justify them in their resistance. These excuses would be what could pull you out of your decision. You must decide to stick however. With the excuses I have suggested some reasoning basis for you on which to anchor your resilience. Before my awakening out of the experience, I often would calm and think in such lines as to let me disengage a persuasion that was getting at me.

a. They don’t want you to make the same mistakes they have made: This is externally true, meaning it is not the core cause of the expected resistance but the cause leverages on this. Put differently, your loved ones who resist your progress are trying to sell you their dreams. If a person resists you on any decision you make, You Can Be Sure they have not achieved what they truly set out for in life. I don’t care what their status is in society or how highly you or anyone thinks they are. If a person resists your decision because they don’t want you to make the same mistakes they have made, they are trying to get you achieve their dreams for them — asking your conformity to cover up their cowardice! As such, don’t! There are no mistakes you can make unless the same mistakes they made should you give in to their opinions charmed as advice.

b. You owe them your life because they have been responsible for you somewhere: Truly we have people who have been dutiful over us. But that never trades our lives for them. There is no such agreement, no contract that says, ‘Be responsible for me and I owe you my life.’ That is on the surface. I encourage you to think deeply here. Whoever has had to be responsible for you can only be responsible because it is their call of duty! If it were your parents, they brought you here in the first place. They have joys over your birth, and got ready nine months before. You never owe them your life and they don’t own you. This does not mean you disrespect them. It means they have the right to pay your respect back to you! If they don’t, it’s not your cup of tea and you can respect their decision not to be responsible. But who owns the shame not to have raised their child properly when they could have? Who owns the joy and pleasure of experience? If it was your leader, s/he has to be responsible for you, isn’t it? A true leader serves others, not so they can be served again but so those others can go out to serve even others. Leadership is selflessness, and it must be strange for a leader to hold you up to the favour that they helped you, so you must forgo your decisions for them. After all, when they helped you and it counted, you became more productive, proactive and purposeful to their own goals. Right? Simply, you cannot let anyone lay claim on your WHOLE life because they have had to be responsible for any PART of it. The Whole Is Greater than the Part. Let that sink, and let them realise it in a kind manner.

c. You are going to put others in danger: On the surface, this looks so true especially if you are a parent, guardian or spouse that has someone else who depends on you. It can even be true where you are an employee, but a favourite with exceptional contributions. Often, we look at the people who depend on us and we pity what predicaments would befall them when we pursue our dreams. Are we not funny humans? We act as if we care about these people but we become self-important and conceited over them. What else is it if not conceit to think that another person cannot survive without us? Well, when a person tells you that you are going to ruin their life or someone else’s life by a decision you have made (in the direction of YOUR goals), they are trying to sell you one of the biggest and most arrogant lies. ‘Don’t act irreplacable even when you are,’ is the code for humility. This idea clearly runs against that code. Everyone has got to survive and live. It is even good that your support is removed from a person while you are pursuing a decision. It grows their character since they must find a definite way to live fully. This does not mean you intentionally ignore a person nor does it mean you cease to be responsible. But certainly you must stop cajoling a person into not being responsible for their life. So if this excuse is brought up, don’t guilt yourself. Discard it as fast; each person is self-reliant — or must be!

d. You are taking away another person’s happiness by overrulling their expectations of you: If there is any expectations of anyone that must be of primary concern to you, it is yours! You cannot fulfil others expectations unless you meet the ones You set for Yourself. In other words, your decision gives birth to discipline, which results in courage that leads to freedom and finally happiness. You cannot make a person happy when you are unhappy. So, let’s dissolve this emotional fallacy that you are robbing someone of their happiness by pursuing your dreams. If they call you selfish, be good with it. They must be really selfless to have asked you to forsake your dreams for their own dreams for you, aren’t they? If you are able to take someone else’s happiness away by your noble decision and pursuit, then they are not happy with who you are but with what you do — that is what they (can) get from you is your only utility to them. From their perspective, exactly why should you care about their happiness when they don’t care about yours? See who’s selfish now. Regardless, desire for them to be happy — only not at your expense. Life is a game, in truth, but no rules says it cannot be win-win. Play from that perspective.

e. You are now arrogant and proud; you never listen to advice: Chances are the people telling you this are those you have listened to for a good period of time or intensely for many aspects of your life. How well has it helped you? If they have advised you so far but it has yielded little desirable results, what is the gain in continuing to take their advice? More importantly, it is a piece of advice, not order. It is given to be evaluated by the receiver who can decide either to accept it or to neglect it and choose the otherwise. Why should you be called stubborn, adamant or insulted in any impolite way because you did not accept any advice? Certainly, these people insult your intelligence and individuality to make decisions. It does not mean you pay them back in the same coin; but at least you know their words cannot mean you good — even when they have good intentions. The ends never justify the means.

f. Fill whatever behavioural or attitudinal excuse you have been given here for which your loved ones resist you. Then tell yourself, ‘This is a mere excuse. Whereas this person truly cares for my progress, I know they were underinformed and ignorant of my true vision. I dissolve this excuse from hurting me spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. I maintain repose and control myself to give no outburst but peace.’

One thing is sure. Whoever cares enough to resist your expression of yourself in your decision-making loves you, but is showing it the wrong way. Countless others will not care, will not even validate that something about you has changed — either they perceive it positively or negatively. So, if resistance comes from your loved ones, don’t perceive it with the idea that they hate you, don’t want your progress or any such thing. A saying goes, ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ It is not difficult to maintain this perception at all. But it is difficult to own this perception in the first place, because you have got used to seeing the world in a distrustful way and that belief would limit your perception for some time before it changes. In a way, this whole resistance is to teach you to let go of that paradigm of distrust and self-pity. Let’s move on.

3. Suffering is necessary, and this is a part of it.

Very surely without discipline you have given up on your dreams and goals through the resistance of your family. Without discipline, you have forsaken your decision. But if you are hanging on there, then you have rooted for the idea that ‘the road has to be tough.’ You have built your resilience and you are in the idea that suffering is necessary anyway. There is no gain without pain. So, you continue to endure the suffering, the emotional and social pangs that come with having your very close ones talk you down. In a way, you see yourself repeating the story of every successful person you have known. They all suffered into greatness, didn’t they? Even Jesus died before global popularity, right? Now, let us unveil the real reason why you have had to suffer.

Your belief system runs on the conclusion that if you must be successful, it must come through sufferings. You merely attracted everything that made that paradigm or habit of belief become realised. What is your belief system? The conditioning in your heart that has been suggested into your subconscious mind by repetition of certain ideas. The conclusions of these ideas, as you got emotionally involved in them as being right, you are creating your paradigm or belief system. From childhood, you have literally been fed on the information that before your breakthrough success, you must experience hardships and trials. A lot of troubles must be on the way, including betrayal. It is in the story of every hero you worshipped. Your subconscious mind has calculated it, attracted ideas of like manner and conditioned you to behave in the attitude that excited the feedback of resistance from your loved ones. Do you understand this idea?

In other words, suffering is necessary because you have believed it is necessary from childhood. Superhero movies tell you heroes suffer first before victory. Histories of great achievers tell you they suffered tons of toils before achievements. Movies and fictions of all ages have indicated a climax where things have gone wrong for the protagonist before the resolution comes in. Did you not know your subconscious mind was being fed with the belief that you would have to suffer before you would attain success? Almost all self-help books that narrate the non-fiction biographies or stories of great achievers are filled with the same idea. Some go as far as to say your loved ones will resist you. You absorbed that to reinforce the belief in you already. Thus, you believed in your heart that you would face great resistance and you did. I remember when I was 16 years old, this very case happened to me then. Only when I have learned these laws do I understand. I believed so much that I would face and have to withstand a lot of resistance in order to achieve mighty feats. Guess who resisted me. Everyone that mattered in my life, not one excluded.

If your studies on the secret of success are summed in one sentence, it is this: ‘As you think in your heart, so you are.’ Did you not suspect the resistance coming before it came? Did you not feel you would be refused by those who now do? Because you had stored it up in your heart. Well, if you are yet to experience it, understand that it is your belief system. To avoid it, get to work on what you believe and why you do. For the moment, do not listen to nor watch things that suggest that you must be at variance with your loved ones nor even anyone before success comes. Pay attention to ideas that suggest your rightful opulence is peace with everyone, even your enemies. The Scripture says, ‘When a man’s ways please the LORD, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.’ Focus on anything that centres on this kind of idea. Suffering may look necessary — but you would come to learn not to trust the appearance of that necessity.

4. To Quit or to Key it?

Now, everything has turned against you and you are pushed to the wall. It is at the verge where you either quit your decision or you give up everything for your desire. Whereas this test is not required for success, it is a way that resistance from loved ones count for something useful. When you face resistance, your decision is developing discipline. At a point, you are pushed to some alternatives that look like you either accept the idea and forsake your loved ones or you forsake your ideas and continue normally with your family.

Most people have the fear of how they are going to survice when their loved ones cut away one or two of their supplies. Perhaps finances, shelter or business connections. If a person threatens you with something they supply you because they want to blackmail you into a choice you don’t want, they are not the channel for your supply at that period. If you let their cut of supply scare you this one time, they are going to feel they have received a manipulation tool over you. That is what it is anyway. Anyother time they want to resist a decision you are taking, they only have to manipulate you using your weakness with some things.

Since you have started it already, how about you just carry on. You are already in the way, see it through. No matter what you do or say, quitting can’t ever be like never trying! It feels worse to quit than to ever try, because decision is when a want is glued back to your heart as a desire. In other words, you love it already. You cherish it and desire to live it out. To quit is like to experience a break-up; it breaks your heart.

I know you now ask in yourself, ‘But are my goals now more important than people?’ You probably didn’t know you were just asking that question. But now that you know, let us see what your very next step is. That is, what do you do when you realise that your best move is to key your goals in you even more?

5. Explain Yourself Harder. Same Strategy; Different Results?

Since you cannot let go of your loved ones that easily (you find it hard to bear that you are parting with them for desires that when you attain they are the first people you want to share the joy with) and you cannot let your desires go, you resort to an old strategy: explain yourself. Now, from (2) you have been doing this strategy. That is, all you are busy with is explaining to these amazing people. The five excuses mentioned earlier are rebuttals you heard from earlier attempts to explain that had likely turned sour.

As Price Prichett put it, ‘Why don’t you try another approach? Something dramatically different. How did (you) get so locked in on the idea that this particular route and determined effort offer the most promise for success?’ Think about that.

A lifetime lesson that Wayne Dyer brought to my awareness before I had my freedom from this struggle is that there are two rules to guide yourself by: Never Explain and Never Complain. If you break the rule, you are going to find out why.

6. Learning the Lesson? People Grow

You must have noticed very depressing sides of everything. Not to mention that your method at (5) aggravated everything. Your imagination was breaking and only your will was keeping you together. You only continued in your dreams because of courage. You have tried to be most reasonable but no one wants to be reasonable with you, it seems. Everyone thinks you are haughty and stupid. What has happened to you, they are saying? Why did you change so abruptly? To be fair to you, you deserve everyone’s sorry. Because they talked you down, literally tried to rip your identity apart. They thought they were caring for you, but clearly had been all about themselves — in fear of what might happen to them when you go and achieve your dreams. So, to be fair to them, they deserve a sorry. It is not easy for people to accept change; the first thing every baby learns is getting used to things. They already got used to the old you, and this shock is now coming at them.

Alright, the important lesson you are gaining here is that everyone has had to grow. For you, there was little emotional impact because you studied your way into growth. For them, your ‘sudden’ change of behaviour was an emotional impact on them to change their beliefs system. You are beginning to see that people grow, although you are not certain as to the process. The process is that your growth is causing some between marginal and exponential growth in them — the difference being yours came by study; theirs by the emotional shock of your attitudinal changes. They used to serve some monitoring of your decision-making process before — or rather they passed their opinions for your decisions. But that has been removed from them. It is a serious problem for them to learn to adapt to, you know. Since you have removed something that they had thought a justification for them to remain where they have been all their years. The truth is that they have formed the habit of making decisions for you in their opinions, and have seen that to be who they are to you since they feel that is the most interesting utility they serve, or the highest reward they get from you. To cut them from that life is to ask them to either grow or shrink. But people grow. Your experience is just one of the ten thousand ways they could come to learn the lesson of being impersonal towards everyone, and of detachment.

People grow, and they are growing. They are learning the ropes of the new existence that they now perceive. Do you remember what I said earlier, ‘If you quit now, it can never look like you never made the decision’? In short, either you quit or you key it, these people are already growing. They are learning the lessons fast, and their initial reaction must not deceive you. Learn the lesson that they are learning in another way — experience — some of those things your study has done to you.

7. Learning the Lesson (2)? You Can’t Choose How a Person Understands

Now that your awareness is drawn to (6), you must also learn to be impersonal yourself. Either your ‘trials’ take days, weeks, months or years, it happens that your resistance often learn this lesson faster than you do. They learned this part in (6); you do just afterwards. You learn the lesson just after you realise that you cannot change them and you should never even try to resist them. You can educate them only, but the rate at which they understand and what part of your information or experience constitutes education for them cannot be chosen by you. Teachers must learn this and accept the law of Being within each individual that constitutes their ultimate Teacher. The Being in us all teaches us. Our spirits is our teacher, adapting at each moment what is best from our experience for our learning. Thus, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ That is, ‘When a person has outgrown a stage of awareness, they are raised to a higher awareness from within.’

Little is said of this second lesson here. But until you have learned it intuitively, you are yet to be free from the negative feelings that you have accumulated from all the events that transpired, and to be free with your decisions at all. This is where you begin to truly ‘forgive’, to let go. Realising how impersonal you are, you enter into the Spirit of peace with everyone. You BE at peace.

8. Finally a Right Step: Changing Your Assumptions by the Law of Non-Resistance

This is what you ought to have done from the beginning: see non-resistance in the whole sequence of events. Either people react to your decision making positively or negatively, you see that it is merely an experience. They love you, and are doing their best at it. They are showing you not how best they know to love you but the result of your past beliefs that had conditioned you to ‘expect’ negativity and resistance before you would do what constitutes breakthrough. So, the real thing that has to change, that has to be renewed in all the situations is your assumption.

James put this very clearly in the Scripture, ‘Count it joy when you fall into temptations that try your faith. It is building in you patience for your perfection. Ask for wisdom, regardless of the state that you are in, you shall have its abundance. Do not doubt — your success is guaranteed only then. Do not think God/Spirit has had to put you through temptations by law. You did not have to experience it because the Great Spirit has no business creating a negative experience for any of Her child. You see all these sufferings you endured because you conceived in your heart that they must be. Then, they moved into your attitude and brought the negative results or experiences you now witness. At any rate, when you scale through the resistance, you are blessed. But you must have learned by that time that the Father only gives good and perfect gifts.’ (James 1:1–17)

Learning this lesson means you finally realise that you are the attractor of your negative experiences. At that time, you endure or change your assumptions. James said, ‘Let the rich man be lowly and the poor man rejoice in his high estate.’ That is, ‘change your assumptions. Change your beliefs. It’s not anyone but what you are thinking. This is the impersonal experience. It is the moment you are realising or living as God and God is living as You.

I must carefully state that THE definite way to ensure that your change of assumption comes is to reiterate your mental picture of perfect peace, joy and harmony with EVERYONE that comes into your experience. That is to say, ‘You think truth regardless of appearances.’ Now, thinking beautiful ideas themselves is not difficult. What can make it difficult is how your past beliefs or paradigm affect your perception, how your past beliefs condition your sensory organs to feed on the negatives of everything that happens. In order to effect a correction on your paradigm — the change of which is the perfect work your temptation is to have — simply begin to repeat affirmations that are representative of the ideal which you desire, and let your attention (not necessarily perception but attention) stay on these pictures until you are getting emotionally involved in the ideal images in your mind. As a way of technique, I recommend either or both of these.

a. Create an idea of what a pair of ideal words means to you, e.g. ‘Peace-love.’ Repeat the same words on your lips for about five minutes, and focus your mind on the picture that you have created. At your fifth minute, you would have said it at least 100 times. Ensure that you do not break, sleep nor any such. Should they happen, start from the beginning. Do this daily until your inner talking resonates with the idea. That means, get your heart involved from the start.

b. Create a single sentence as short as possible that is associated with a desirable mental state with respect to you and everyone, e.g. ‘I am at perfect peace with everyone now and always.’ Or ‘I attract perfect serenity into my experience always.’ Write it fifty times everyday until you experience a mindset shift.

Now that you have stopped resisting them and are changing your assumptions of everything, you are going to experience the gift of being at peace with all humans, even whoever tags themselves your enemy. Because you no longer see them so. Even if the bottle appears half empty to anyone, it is half full for you.

9. You Drop the Charges; the Changes Find You

Now that your assumptions have changed, you do not see these people in the light that you have seen them before. They are not resisting you; they are expanding their awareness. They don’t need your explanation; they need your help and assurance that it is alright for them to break away from their old self. They are not forcing you to leave your decision; they are learning to accept your position to make your decisions for your life. Just as it took painful hours of study for you to learn to open to love and you had to be patient all through, they require the same patience and understanding.

At this point, you are willing to sacrifice for them without compromising your position. You are ready and ever eager to give all that you can, even if a decision, if you had it. Certainly you would not give away the decision you have made (no one will be there to accept it again anyway because they have grown past there); but you are truly eager to. It is not only detachment from personality; it is detachment from your desires. You see that your desires are natural to you. They are already done regardless of what anyone tries to do. Did you see what has happened? Through the experience, you pulled absolute faith through while you learned other virtues.

With your change in assumption (8), you have changed your circumstances. You have fully dropped all the charges you had against them. You are simply beholding whatever they do. Indeed, if anyone at this stage is yet to learn their own lesson in the whole process, it does not change anything for you. You are but beholding them and you simply let them do and have whatever they want to do and have in their experience while you invite them for a higher life. All the changes then find you. All the good things that you had wanted seek you. At this time, you open a wide channel to everything that you desire. They flow into your experience. Including their peace, for YOU are at peace with them.

10. Suffering is unnecessary but you have to learn it somehow.

Finally, you learn that the Spirit in you is the Spirit of perfection. Only things that are good and perfect proceed from It to your experience, and they could only come better. Therefore, all the suffering which you have had was totally unnecessary. In fact, you could have learned this lesson without suffering at all. But you had to learn it in the way that could help you really give up your beliefs in suffering. That was the whole point for all you experienced. What made you suffer was your thinking, that until now, had been locked in on the idea that there was real evil in this world and things had to be difficult. For when you think that something outside of you is trying to stop you, you would have created resistance in your mind — consciously or unconsciously.

You are the centre of your world. Whenever you think of or imagine things that are harmful to your Being (that is adverse to Spirit’s qualities of Life, Love and Beauty), and your attention is given to this thought, your attention’s reaction is defence or resistance. That is the true source of resistance. The more you do this, the greater you reinforce the thought into your subconscious’s feeling that you must witness resistance. Then you send thoughts and feelings out that attract very like experiences back into your objective reality. This had to stop if you must grow. You must learn to think and feel like the great Spirit thinks and feels so that you were brought forth from this Spirit’s activity. Indeed, the thinking and feeling that birthed a whole you, the greatest machinery in the universe, can only be upwards — livingness. Thus think you.

The Spirit that works through you and as you expresses perfection and completion. Only by aversion to the inner workings of its thought do you create undesirable feeling, action and results for yourself.

The Effortless Way into your social freedom therefore is to think upright thoughts of peace, freedom, respect and other values into your feeling. As you do so — as you change your assumption that anything is outside that is against you into the idea that everything inside and outside of you is for you, then you restore Opulence in your life and experience.

Understand clearly that inside Of you is Spirit. We can attempt to describe this in diverse ways; but no description can match an experience, and experience is how you know assuredly. This is the only utility of your sufferings; and the very mechanism by which suffering pushes you into the experience is the awareness of your burning desire to escape the suffering. Simply put, Spirit brings you newer and higher experiences by desire. When you decide towards a desire, you have opened your impersonal self for a series of experiences.

I suggest this to you therefore. This is the liberating thought: Suffering is not required because desire alone is sufficient to bring you to the experience which suffering promises. This is the liberating basis: Spirit always seeks the expression of perfection, and every expression of Spirit having been for your good (you are created to have dominion), all that Spirit desires you experience is goodness. The goodness is this, the unfolding mystery of more Life, Love and Beauty in your awareness of your being.

Review this last suggestion every day until you understand it at least to see how ‘God has made man upright in his days but man invented many false imaginations,’ — Solomon.

This is a bonus booklet to L E T, a complete guide to Identity, Manifestation and the Science of Spirituality. Preorder L E T on Kindle here.




Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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The Phenomenal Friend

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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