Secrets of the Universe from Chapter 1 of The Edinburgh Lectures by Judge Thomas Troward (with Comments): SPIRIT AND MATTER (Part 1)

1. Cause and Effect: Beyond Appearances to the Reality of Consciousness

‘The general consensus of mankind is right in trusting the evidence of our senses, and any system which tells us that we are not to do so will never obtain a permanent footing in a sane and healthy community. There is nothing wrong in the evidence conveyed to a healthy mind by the senses of a healthy body, but the point where error creeps in is when we come to judge of the meaning of this testimony. We are accustomed to judge only by external appearances and by certain limited significances which we attach to words; but when we begin to enquire into the real meaning of our words and to analyse the causes which give rise to the appearances, we find our old notions gradually falling off from us, until at last we wake up to the fact that we are living in an entirely different world to that we formerly recognized. The old limited mode of thought has imperceptibly slipped away, and we discover that we have stepped out into a new order of things where all is liberty and life.’ — Judge Thomas Troward

The five senses are sufficient only for us to record what we see in our physical world. But their service is to cause in us an inquiry as to ‘the real causes’ of things we see happening on the outside. We know that what has happened has already happened. Therefore, we cannot see the cause in the happening — the cause is earlier. All appearances we see in the outside world of forms are effects of the cause in the inner world of thought.

2. The Law of Vibration

‘It is now one of the fully-established facts of physical science that no atom of what we call “dead matter” is without motion. On the table before me lies a solid lump of steel, but in the light of up-to-date science I know that the atoms of that seemingly inert mass are vibrating with the most intense energy, continually dashing hither and thither, impinging upon and rebounding from one another, or circling round like miniature solar systems, with a ceaseless rapidity whose complex activity is enough to bewilder the imagination. The mass, as a mass, may lie inert upon the table; but so far from being destitute of the element of motion it is the abode of the never-tiring energy moving the particles with a swiftness to which the speed of an express train is as nothing.’ — Judge Thomas Troward

Everything that we see in the world around us is in continuous motion. ‘We live literally in an ocean of motion,’ Bob Proctor is fond of saying. Everything is constantly vibrating. This is the first understanding Thomas leads us to gain over appearances. While the table before me appears to be inert, and is so in relation to its mass, its matter is constantly moving at a speed which ridicules the speed of the airplane. This motion is vibratory. Indeed, under modern and powerful microscopes, we shall see this motion so clearly that we cannot return to seeing reality in the way we have been fond. This law of vibration is primary to the law of attraction as Bob is going to teach us starting 12th April, 2021.

Check for Part 2 of this Study Guide.

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Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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The Phenomenal Friend

The Phenomenal Friend

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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