‘The First Thing you need to understand is that you KNOW Nothing’

I found this line today and must have heard it a number of times in The Way of Mastery by Jeshua ben Joseph. It struck differently today that unknowing is the path. The first thing you need to understand is that you KNOW Nothing. All the knowledge resides in the Father and You Are One with the Father. You Are the Knowledge so that you know nothing.

Your ego is ridiculously pompous. It wants to know and know and hopes to know it all. Well then, to the gathering of knowledge, there is no end! Much study wearies the ego itself. You must lay down the lusts of the ego that seeks the ‘knowledge of good and evil’.

We are prompt to think that we know anything at all. Mostly what we think we know is someone else’s beliefs shared to us. Right from childhood, we have been directed to use our subconscious power to form our ego. Our ego is all these beliefs and traditions. Then when we age, we think we know them. We hold fast to these things which we have known. Yet, we never really know them and they are not our own. We can as well let them go and enter into the state of unknowing.

The state of unknowing is the first confirmation of our spiritual awakening. In the state of knowing is our ego still affirming itself over us. In the state of unknowing, we are not ignorant but we let all opinions, beliefs, ideas and information be what they are: representations and perspectives. This state is not ignorance. It is the awareness that: ‘I Am the Knowledge.’ Or how shall I the knowledge there is begin to know?

It is here that we begin not to ‘read’ the Truth, but ‘know’ the Truth. For I AM THE TRUTH! That is all we truly have to know, and that alone sets free. As to the other knowledge, ‘casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.’

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