We Are So Alike: Here’s The Difference That Makes Me Happy and Successful | And The Secret Is, You Are…

So,I first read Be, Do and Have in that form in Matt Morris, The Unemployed Millionaire. I read it again in John Milton Fogg, The Greatest Networker in the World. It’s in virtually all powerful books. Every successful person in history determined to share their secret with humanity wrote it. I read it in the pages of the scriptures how many times, but never really understood it. I was reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho where Melchizedek was telling Santiago that most books simple or difficult are saying the same thing. Now, I knew by experience that’s fairly true. Could it be truer with all these sorts of books I’d added to my library? Boy, I had how many books read? 10? 50? 100?
It’s not that difficult to understand, you see. In fact, if you reflected deeply, you’d know it. The battle was with my knowledge-ego. A friend once told me I’d have my kind of ego however simple I presented. She’s right, and it’s not obvious to me, though she thought it was another thing. I loved what I thought I knew. I thought I knew how to be successful. Actually, I did say 20 years ago while I was still a kid, except I wasn’t free to hold my choices exclusively. But I didn’t anymore since I was 10. 11 years old? Enough time for me to have been conditioned. I think what broke me was a teacher telling me the geometric constructions I did in Primary six belonged to my elder brother and I could never have done it myself. I kept that book for two years, where I worked all diverse kinds of geometric constructions from New General Mathematics II in. But her suggestion made me throw it away, and I never really strove to do exceptionally, to care to be better since then. That’s when I stopped studying and started accepting. I guess I didn’t really conform, like most people. But that’s worse--because I didn’t really know, and always thought I did. Well, I never understood Be,Do,Have until I’d examined these materials again and again. Some, I perused once. Some, twice. Be sure, some a hundred times. The Greatest Networker in the World, I’d heard/read more than 20×.
One Minute Salesperson of Spencer Johnson, I’d have listened to 200 times. Can recite it now. But I was struggling because I didn’t empty the cup of what I thought I knew to learn what I didn’t know that I didn’t know. You see, I was working on a research which axioms were drawn by instinct. It overruled all I ever learned six years of my life in economics. It was saying the same thing, but I was trying to suppress the knowledge till I got helplessly stuck. Now, I began to find traces here and there. I began to link them. Actually, to think for myself again. 'What do these things really say? Why does it seem I’ve known it before?' There’s many answers, and The Truth: the latter frees.
'There’s abundance. There’s 80/20 rule, the principle of abundance which inflicts 96% of the world with poverty because they abuse it. There is your personal legend, a dream which you must pursue or die trying. There’s love, and love frees you of fear. There’s purpose. There’s Newton’s third law, you reap what you sow. There’s importunity. There’s the golden rule, the giver is more blessed than the receiver. The sixth sense. The power of Thought. The flow of money. The truth of value. The woes of ignorance. The knowledge of good and evil. The overcoming. The actualization. The Be, Do, Have in all these. And the ultimate, HE IS, and so I Am and You Are!'
May I say I knew all I was learning was in the Bible. I just never paid attention because I was programmed to overlook such content. But I understood I’d seen them, lived them before until the breaking. So, I went to examine there, too. Here and there were all these principles and examples. Then I understood that All that pertained unto life and godliness are written there. Well, now it manifests. But I want to tell you this morning. (I’m not a motivational speaker. If anyone was good at that, it’d be Jesus. Yet, there some he couldn’t motivate because of their unbelief. I teach and train the laws and practice of life abundant.) That my experiences are akin to yours if you reflect.
You’ll find we don’t live in two worlds apart. I had lofty desires as a child and, whilst my parents never crushed it, my teachers did. Maybe your parents, your friends, neighbours, etc. But someone crushed yours, too, once. We’re that similar. Whenever it wants to surface, you dwell on past glory and say, I’d once done this great thing or that. Why not Now? Haven’t you grown? Doesn’t growth mean much better, stronger, wiser, bigger, more responsible? Why the reverse then? Because you had shrunk before now. I had, too. So ugly was the experience. But it was comfortable because that’s where others were, shrunk and settling for life as is. I had esteem issues of mine. So do you.
I could stand in public and teach many. But I couldn’t demand in person what I wanted. Perhaps yours is a mirror. All this is symptoms of the same kind of ailment: thinking failure. You might be earning a couple of hundreds of dollars but spend it all on alcohol and narcotics. And it’s ever difficult to save one pence of a dollar for you. I lived in that fear once. You jump from one profession to another. I was a great poet, perhaps the greatest of Nigeria in 2014/15. Did you know? Because I sat camping myself in. Those who knew me, my prolific works and expression then always remarked its depth, richness of figures (I probably used the strangest figures of speech than any I’d known), etc.
I’ve lost more than 500 poems, and it’s not up to 20% what I’ve written. But I didn’t appreciate me, just as you probably think you’re less, far less than all others around you. I knew I’d succeed, but except my parents, everyone else had their idea of me being successful. Not with difficulty would you see someone say I’d become a mathematician, another a professor of English, then a chartered accountant, or a professor of economics, then a physicist or a computer scientist. And some had hoped I’d be their light, their strongest, regardless of what I really wanted. That’s what you’re facing. You are most skilled somewhere, but never honed it because it’s confusing what exactly you’d do.
And of course, within all that confusion, you have to become responsible for something in your life, to get it yourself. This art of getting what you want, you knew when you were 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years old. But somehow it was taken from you when you’re being shut off your desires. Now, you’re 15/16 and you suddenly have to start getting it again, and you’re expected to be perfect at an art that was buried for 10+ years of your life. Most likely because parents are broke and in debts, and the fear rests on you to support or else you’re being responsible for more financial woes of the family. So, you just found something to do to settle. Most choose what they love, but not how they love it. Hmm.
Then school, you chose a course that was chosen for you but failed to meet the cut off, and simply resigned to the one you’re given. It made no sense, nothing did anyway. But you just had to go because your parents/guardians wanted it. Wish you’d known 200 years ago, you’d have been thoroughly educated like Kepler without schooling, or Newton without being forced to college or Shakespeare. No one knew anyway. So, get to the grind. I studied what I loved, but couldn’t ignore the agony of tens of friends I knew didn’t enjoy it. I’m not a certified first-class, but the first-classes can’t stand my understanding. It’s different to be in the race competing and to be on the tracks creating.
That’s what you’re created to do, to create your world and allow, help others create theirs beautifully. But here’s a whole world of you kept in your hands, and it’s being destroyed all the while. The buried talent loses value every minute because of inflation. That’s why that unfaithful servant was punished. The buried life disintegrates into poor worth, low esteem, confusion, poverty, debts. And you get punished with failure. Not the kind that they tell you to get better with (in succeeding, this noble one is called subduing), but the failing backward that is recycled, the vicious cycle of failure. I had been there whatever your past impression of me might have been. I knew as you now know.
As I said, I’m no motivational speaker. I’m a truth sayer. And you may choose to reject it, neglect it or accept it. Pray you do none of these, may be the third but not to the harm of not thinking for yourself. Study it and find the understanding yourself, take only someone as I to be your guide. Do you want to know the truth? Success is simple. Earning money is perhaps the easiest thing in success. Success itself is the simpler of success and failure, because--I don’t care how or where you’re born--you’re born, designed, formed to be successful. It’s easier and simpler to use the hammer to draw nails into joints and make furniture than to use it to start fire and burn them; it can do both.
The truth is your pure desires are yours. You can achieve them however lofty. The good things you want are yours to be, do and have. You can succeed with them, and only you can make your type of success. The entire universe is arranged to usher you here, bring you to this moment and get you to do those things. I mean, God thought of you before creating the world. Maybe you’re finding that hard to believe with all you’ve experienced. So, I want you to ask: Why can I decide what exactly I think about? Why do thoughts eventually become things? Why does this universe have exact laws both physical and spiritual which cannot be changed by any man, and which can be used by anyone to succeed?
Why does the same sun shine on both the good and the evil? Why does gravity never respect that your background is rich or poor? Why does durable riches only stay where wisdom is? Why do you receive when you ask, find when you seek and have opened to you when you knock? Then why does desire push you to seek wisdom? Why does wisdom find you when you seek it? Why do men love to like the happy but hate to associate with the grumpy? Why does 24 hours remain the same all your life? Why do you reap what you sow, and YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU SOW? Why these laws that God wrote and maintain at all times if He does not want you to be successful in life?
Put away therefore your first alibi for failure, _God caused it/it is God’s will._ It is not! It is your will. You must be responsible for your failure if you truly want to be successful! It’s not God, nor my parents, my government, economy, teachers, society, religion, employer, etc. that is responsible for my results if they are failure. It is my results. They belong to me. I possess them. Therefore, I am the sole determinant of what they are and become. The earlier you humbly accept this, the earlier you gain the power to change them. Because now you hold the control by saying, It is Mine and I must make it good if I want it good.
God has arranged everything to obey you from creation only if you will assume your role. Who is man that God is mindful of him and son of man that God visits him? Who are You to have such honour if you are not the master of your destiny, the weaver of your fate? And if you question that, consider your phone and how that man, not God, created it, thereby earning fame, name, wealth by it. Of course, what matters to the successful is not as much the success as who they have become in the process. But the starting point is desire. You must embrace it before you reach the point of surrender. And I hope I’ve shown you that I’m you, and you can do more than I have, for we’re offspring of God alike.
I wish I could place the secret into your hands. But won’t you recognise it immediately? Because it’s within you, just buried there. The day I realised it, I never remained the same. I never felt the same way about me. And I’ve been on to great things in life that I once thought were beyond me. You can, too. I believe it’s for you that I’ve written ENGRAFT. Maybe you don’t like reading. But how badly do you want to change your results? You better fall in love with it now. I’ve placed the secret in your hands. It’s within ENGRAFT. Bit.ly/engraft-love. And you’ll be at ENGRAFT CONVENTION 2021. Your receipt is your free ticket. All road to make you successful, my dear. Hope you’re driving too.




Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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The Phenomenal Friend

The Phenomenal Friend

Hello, I’m a friend of people because each one is rare. As a matter of fact, I am grateful to serve you today, your majesty. What can I really do for you today?

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