Why Are My Affirmations Not Working? (1)

A wrong but most valid question, you see. Affirmations are not meant to ‘work’. ‘You’ use them to focus on your thinking into feeling through to your subconscious mind what you affirm. It is your use of affirmations that works.

We can pretend to honour with our lips while our hearts are far from the truth. Affirmations are not automatic power. Is it not true that most unsuccessful affirmations are vain repetitions? Empty words without feelings. Yes, words are seeds planted into the universal mind — thus be careful what you say. Yet, there are viable seeds and non-viable seeds. Cooked seeds may grow nothing, even when you apply all the fertilizers of the world and plant them on the most fertile soil. So are affirmations when they bear no feeling while declaring them. Feeling is simply the uplifting experience/awareness of what you affirm.

While affirming, ‘I am perfect health,’ could you feel the life coursing through you? While affirming, ‘Peace of mind is mine,’ do you feel the serenity of your soul? Learn to carefully dissect this thought. To feel is not the same thing as to have it already. Using our analogy, one is like planting a seed, the other is the harvest. You can feel at no expense. Your feeling of the affirmation then clothes itself in the reality of what you affirm.

Do not affirm vainly that which you would not believe no matter what. Certainly repetitions in the same moment are advised so that you can begin to believe it. But faith is the positive emotion of the heart. In other words, it is not the repeated affirmations but your willingness to open your heart to feel what you affirm as being alive that matters.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva from Pexels

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